Sight Tests

We provide sight tests at our center in Bourne for NHS and private patients from 10.00Am to 4.30Pm Monday to Friday, and from 9.45am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Private sight tests cost £30.00.

We do sight tests both for Private and NHS Patients

We do Onsite Glazing:
Extensive stock of Single vision lenses ,and your single vision specs are ready in 24 hours,including Reactolite &sunspecswith Antireflection coat , but bifocals and varifocals may take up to one week depending upon the prescription.
We Perform most repairs on site or send them for soldiering and with in return in two days 
Online orders   for single vision lenses ,Prices include Frame/1.5 index lenses with mar coat 
High index lenses Extra 
Sunglasses with hard coat only and Mar coat extra