Medical Consultations

Medical Consultations exclusively can be provided at our centre, for a fee of just £30.00 (a private hospital consultation would cost you around £150.00)
We immediately see you and treat you in emergency anf if needed we will refer you to secondary eye care treament to Local NHS Hospitalsdirectly by passing to go to your GP or Local casuality wasting hours of waiting with an Eye pain.Optians operated by Eye Doctors are very few in the country and we are one of those running this service since 16 Years Iin Bourne .Our clients come come far away of 50mile radius.

If a sight test is required a further fee of £30.00 will be charged. Please telephone us for further information, or to make an appointment on (01778) 421188, or contact us by email. Please note that we do not give medical advice over the phone.

Our extensive use of modern technology combined with our years of experience enables us to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Our ophthalmologist (Dr Rao) has wide ranging experience in NHS hospitals since 1974. He has performed various intra-ocular operations like cataract and glaucoma operations and extra-ocular operations like traumatic eye surgery, squints and minor operations on the eyelids etc. Dr Rao also has many years’ experience in laser surgery.

Dr Rao runs Dry Eye Clinics and we are stockists of most common dry eye drops and other Antibiotic drops and we can get them next day as well from Local suppliers.